API Basics and frequently asked questions

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What does the blue color mean?

An airspace response with the color "blue" indicates LAANC-eligible controlled airspace.

Is the color at the top level of the response data the most severe?

The top-level status indicated the overall status of the area for the provided Lat, Long coordinate. Green indicates no airspace restrictions, "Good to go." Yellow means there are cautionary or informational advisories affecting that location. Red indicates restricted airspace or ground-based restrictions present.

Will we always have the UAS facility map advisory when there is at least one airport advisory?

Only airports with control towers will appear on the UAS facility map. For example, uncontrolled airports may be present in the advisory list but they will not contain UASFM data.

How should we infer LAANC status when it is not present but there are advisories?

If there are controlled airport advisories being returned, then LAANC may be disabled locally even though authorization will still be required to fly. In these cases, operators are pointed to the FAA DroneZone website to file authorization. If the airspace in question falls outside of controlled airspace, LAANC is not available in uncontrolled airspace.

What do all the colors and layers represent?

Please see this article for a breakdown of airspace layers and colors.

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