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Air Control app: Quick Start
Air Control app: Quick Start

I need a quick rundown on using the Air Control app.

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Air Control is the latest drone operations platform from Aloft that offers pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight tools that help operators stay safe, secure, and compliant.

Sign up for free here:

To get started, make sure your profile is complete. On the web, select Manage > Users > Select your name > and enter your operator information. In the app, tap the menu in the top left and then tap your name to access your profile.

1. Check airspace from the home screen:

2. If needed, search for another location:

3. Check advisories at flight location:

4. Check weather:

5. File LAANC if in Controlled Airspace:

6. Create a Mission and log Preflight Steps:

7a. Log a flight by flying your drone in Air Control:

7b. Or choose Manual Flight Log if flying outside of Air Control: You can add additional aircraft from the web.

8. End the flight session, proceed to post-flight, and complete the Mission:

Review from the web (

Looking for a more detailed breakdown?
More resources are also available here:

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